The Technology:

Network Redundancy

Our core network is "protected", which means that we have built a fiber loop between the cities of Montreal, Toronto and New York, and then back to Montreal to close the loop. This design ensures that a failure of any of the fiber paths becomes nothing more than an annoyance, with no impact on our clients. The core is powered by carrier grade Cisco and Juniper routers and switches, which creates a highly redundant infrastructure.

We operates two distinct physical networks to provide last mile redundancy to our clients, the first being our fiber network, which is available in Montreal, Toronto and New York, as well as worldwide via our partners. The second is our new microwave wireless network, available in Montreal and Toronto, and capable of speeds of up to 740Mbps as a primary or backup link.

Fibroptix provides clients with an MPLS termination device, usually a Juniper router, to allow the termination of our MPLS network directly at the client's place of business, which brings the redundancy as close to the client as possible.


Network Operations Center and Datacenter (NOC)

Our core network components are located in our primary datacenter, backed up by redundant generators and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).Our site is fully protected by card access, video cameras and on site security personnel. Our NOC also benefits from the availability of emergency power, and will remain operational in the event of a major power and communication failure.



How is Fibroptix different from it's competitors?


We Own It All: We own our infrastructure and have unmatched technical expertise to monitor and manage the entire network in real time. We are also the only provider to use both fiber and microwave technologies as a single redundant connectivity solution. We encourage you to compare our infrastructure with that of our competitors by visiting the locations - Some of the largest companies and internet provider (See our Accolades section) use Fibroptix services to support their offerings.

We Are Flexible: Whether you want to purchase "A la Carte" or a fully managed infrastructure solution, we have the flexibility and the expertise to tailor it to your specific needs.

Industry Certified: Fibroptix is a Microsoft Silver Partner and holds their Hosting Competency, which enables us to lease both servers and Microsoft software on a monthly basis. The servers are installed in the datacenter and added to the client's private network.

Award Winning: ZEROFAIL has earned the recognition by its peers on many occasions, including the coveted "MS Impact Awards" for best Infrastructure of the Year. Fibroptix team members are not just delivering the internet, they are providing extensive expertise in the fields of networking, systems administration and business solutions.

Global Coverage: Zerofail's private, protected network spans multiple cities including Paris, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec. Their key partnerships allow it to reach nearly every building in the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe and Asia.

Massive Capacity: This is one case where bigger is better!